Now The Spammers And Scammers Come Calling

Since I started this pitiful blog, I have received attention. Thanks for that. It probably happens to everyone who goes a little bit public on the internet – the predators pop out of the slime and drool over the prospect of new meat while they set their tired traps. I’ve been tracked and hassled by phishers, by “nice” folks wanting to offer me their services such as software that will write articles for me – because I must spend a lot of time writing, why not make my life easier??? Why not, indeedie!

Thanks for the threatening phone calls from “Unavailable”. You idiots! I was getting nasty phone calls before people were allowed to own their phones, from people who would actually try to corner me in the locker room and beat me up. Fuck you all, you morons. Like an IT department for Microsoft would tolerate such awful phone systems or incompetent employees? Like I believe you’re stuck in another country and a friend of a friend had sent you $500 and suggested I might be able to wire you the other $500 so you could get your passport and other belongings back so you could come home? Like I WANT followers on Twitter who just want me to buy stuff from them??? UNFOLLOW ME NOW, because no, I’m not interested in your stupid offers, and I bet very few people are. I’m tired of you, and a lot of other people are, too.


No, I’m not paying $50 for any amount of followers. No, I’m also not reviewing a book unless I can truthfully say something good about it. Stop asking. Grow up.

Yeah, I’ll probably get hassled more. I’m polite. I pretend I don’t understand. And I don’t, not really. I don’t understand why anyone would think I would fall for this stuff.

I HAVE AN OFFER OF MY OWN! I charge money to critique manuscripts. You’ll find my advice helpful. Get in touch for specifics. Hard copies only, no exceptions, that’s why they make printers – communication thru email, etc.

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